Guidelines For Your First Office Space Rental

Most of the people who could successfully established their business empire did not invest all their money on building an office of their own during the initial phases of their business. In fact, they rented an office space to get started and gradually with growth of their company, they finally bought their own office properties. Thus, if you are planning to start a business of your own, then you better look for renting an office space rather than buying a space of your own initially. Earlier it used to be a difficult task to go looking for a potential office space, but with internet coming into picture, one can easily find out a rental space sitting at home.

All thanks to online sites such as that helps people to find their dream office at a reasonable rate. Now, if your business needs a dedicated office but at the same time you want to some money, then here are some tips that you must remember while renting an office space: Firstly, you need to decide if there is really any requirement of an office because not necessarily all businesses need a dedicated working space. Some can work perfectly from home based offices or even some co-working spaces. If by chance, these options are feasible for the functioning of your business then a lot of money and time can be saved.  

If you really need a dedicated space then choose a location which is convenient for all your employees to commute. The location is a very important factor to keep in mind while looking for a rental office space.

Or, if you have not yet recruited anyone yet, even then try to rent a space which is near to some area that is quite populated with potential people. While choosing a location, keep in mind the amenities that are available.

Say for example, an office which has coffee shops and restaurants nearby are more appreciated by its employees than some offices which are located in some secluded area.

Decide a budget while choosing an office space and better stick to your budget. You do not want to rent a space due to which you get into debt. So, even before you start looking for a space, fix a budget with which operating of your business is comfortable. Do not neglect those extra expenses which come with office space rentals. Say for instance, you will have to buy those office furniture, curtains, office phones etc. So, while deciding your budget for office space, you also need to account these extra expenses. You should have clarity of the lease with your landlord.

Try to find out who will be taking care of the repairs that might be required because it can be significantly expensive to repair the office space. So, in case if your landlord is supposed to take care of all those expenses, then ensure that he gets it done in timely manner. Look for a building which is safe enough for you and your employees. Also, you will be leaving your equipment in the office so for obvious reasons the building should have an efficient security facility. Check out if building has security guards, after hours security and manned entry way.

Do not just take any word of your landlord verbally regarding what all are included in your rent so that later you are charged for them. Make sure that everything should be stated officially in the lease. You should choose a space that can accommodate your whole team. Keep in mind that you need to provide desks and chairs to each of your employee, so you cannot take small space if you a number of employees.

Also, for business purposes, you might need to visit certain places like banks or some meeting spaces and it will be great if they are not very far from your office. At the same time, do not go for too large rooms which remains empty throughout the year but you end up paying rent for it. Another important factor to keep in mind is the parking area for the vehicles. It is very obvious that all your team members including you may not be commuting in public transport and might require a parking area to park their private vehicles.